Cherryville & Mabel Lake
Mural Tour
Over the recent years old and tired storefronts along with dusty streets began to find new life as residents and businesses began to refresh the place they call home. Storefronts and sidewalks capture the essence of yesterday and green spaces such as Norris Park emerged with a mix of nature in the village core.

Colorful murals also make up our downtown core, depicting the history and personalities of days past. Today there are many murals in Lumby. Through which you can view the village as it appeared in 1914 along with Louis Morand, one of our first citizens, and also one of the first homesteads in the area. There's even a picture of Moses Lumby for whom the village is named. There's many murals to see in Lumby; you can pick up a Mural Guide & Mapbook at the Lumby Visitor Centre and begin your stroll through a bit of history here in the Monashee. 

1. Salmon Trail Logging Mural
Artist: James Postill. This is a mural depicting the history of logging throughout the Village of Lumby. Local loggers Wally Chaput, and Pat Duke and other local loggers influenced this Mural.
2. Bill Schunter
Artist: Lorreen Norman Chambers. This mural shows long time Lumby logger and rancher Bill Schunter dressed in his logging clothes, holding his chainsaw. (Temporarily Removed)
3. Threshing Team
Artist: Lorreen Norman Chambers. An early threshing team is shown here on the Inglis farm with the crew from the Inglis and Laviolette Families.
5. Early Professionals
Artist: Gary Whitley. On the left of this mural is nurse Agnes Frye Fellingham, next is Dr. Reinhard who made many trips to Lumby by horse to tend to the sick. Next is Tom Norris, first teacher at White Valley School, then Pete Catt who was appointed Justice of the Peace in 1917 and in 1929 as magistrate. In 1937 Catt was appointed judge for the juvenile court for the North Okanagan. On the right is Elizabeth Inglis, a trained mid-wife, who became doctor, nurse and mid-wife to many in the Lumby district. It is said that over the years she delivered over 100 babies.
4. Anglican Church
Artist:Allyson Rance. Look for the church mouse in this mural showing the original building of the St. James the Less Anglican Church. The church was built in 1912 and consecrated in 1913. The Canadian Pacific Railway donated a train bell to the church in 1927.
7. Mural of Tribute
 - Royal Canadian Legion #167
Artists: Michelle Loughery & Sarah Lindsay. This mural was done in honour of the many men and women who served in the many levels of the armed forces. The people in the mural represent all of those who served in WWI, WWII, the Korean War and the many years of Peace Keeping.
9. Country Outing
Artists: Various. This is what is called a “Workshop Mural” with Michelle Loughery teaching and giving tips on mural painting. Country Outing is the name chosen for this mural as it depicts what could be a typical Sunday afternoon outing into the country. The couple in the Model T car is taken from a photo of William and Birdie Shields, a once well known family in Lumby, owning the local hardware store and grocery store. The barn in the picture is at Coldstream Golf Course, approximately 3 miles west of Lumby, and the young boy in the foreground is based on a photo of Michael Funk doing his chores on the family farm.
10. Shuswap View
Artist: Phil Colombe. Found in a barn, dirty and neglected, this mural was donated to the mural committee. The mural committee undertook a search to find the artist and when that was accomplished he restored it. It is a painting of Shuswap Lake but could be any of the lakes in our district so it was added to the Lumby Murals.
11. Schunter Family History
Artist: Lorreen Norman Chambers. Shown against the backdrop of Camels Hump are the Schunter family crest and Bill Sr. in front of his truck at the ramp to a barge on Sugar Lake. In the center is the Schunter family in the 1940’s with Bill Jr. & Bill Sr. in the back & Katie and Bob in front. On the right is Bob with his logging truck.
12. Wolves of The Monashee
Artist: Larry Thompson. Painted on a saw blade is “Wolves of the Monashee.” It is one of the lesser known facts that there are wolves in the Monashee area. The scenic background of the Wolves saw blade is typical scenery found in and around the Monashee area.
13. Oxen Building Road
Artists: Kelly Rennie, Linda Rennie & Allyson Rance. This Mural on the east wall of the Dot’s Chocolates depicts a couple of men using oxen to build the original piece of Highway 6, known as the Shuswap Hill, 8 miles east of Lumby.
14. Worker's Cabin
Artists: Kelly Rennie, Linda Rennie, Allyson Rance. The cabin on the left was used by workers when the Shuswap Hill road was being built. The cabin was situated about a third of the way down the hill on the right, and the men, many of them on relief, would stay a few days, while working, then move on.
15. Bessette Family
Artists: Michelle Loughery & Sarah Lindsay. Early Settlers Pierre Bessette and wife Eunice Christien are shown in this mural with their farm in the middle. On the right is daughter Blandine, who later married Wilfred Quesnel, from another pioneer family.
16. James McAllister
Artist: Lorreen Norman Chambers. 
James was well known in Lumby in the first half of the 1900’s. He was, for many years, the Postmaster in Lumby and is well remembered for his horsemanship and involvement in community affairs. 
17. Morand Hotel
Artist: Evan Shandler. In 1892 a permit was received to erect a 40’ x 40’ two storey hotel with an attached kitchen & stabling for 24 horses. The cost was $7500. Standing in the doorway is Louis Morand, who had an interest in the hotel & supervised the construction, beside him is his brother Fye Morand. In front is Napoleon Bessette & standing with hands on hips is Joe LeBlanc.
18. Monashee Tranquility
Artist: Ines von Holly Stone. Many animals are shown in this mural. Take notice that no matter where you are standing, the large bear on the left is looking at you.
19. Pat Duke/Lumby Days
Artist: Michelle Loughery. In response to his many years of hard work and dedication to Lumby and the surrounding area, Pat Duke was known affectionately as Mr. Lumby. He was mayor from 1968 until 1985, making him one of the longest serving mayors in BC. He was the recipient of many awards recognizing his contributions. In 1982 he was chosen as Lumby’s “Good Citizen of the Year” and in 1991 received the order of British Columbia.
20. 1913 Hockey Team Players
Artist: Gregg Fisher. Four of the 1913 Hockey team members on one of the original hockey teams.
21. Alphonse Chabot/Boxing
Artist: Liz Allardice. As an amateur boxer, Lumby resident Alphonse Chabot won 100 of 103 fights all over North America. After he turned pro he won 14 in a row before losing a fight, and that was after an 11 month retirement.
22. Fireman Tribute
Artists: Michelle Loughery & Sarah Lindsay. The Lumby Volunteer Fire Department had this mural painted in honor of their members for their 50th Anniversary in Lumby. Shown is Larry Wejr, who received an award for being the longest serving volunteer fireman in BC. The original 1952 truck is still used today for parades etc. Also shown are 3 firemen emerging from the smoke of a fire.
23. School's In
Artist: James Postill 
This mural was painted to help transition between 2 sections of the salmon trail. It depicts spawning salmon as they are found in their natural habitat.

24. Alger Family
​Artist: Lorreen Norman Chambers. Ernie Alger and Hazel Hanson met at a dance in Lumby in 1911 and were married in 1913. Shown here is the Alger Family in 1948; Mabel, Rex, & Loyda in the back row, Ernest, Hazel
, Sadie & Hazel in the front row. Ernie worked many different jobs over the years; logger, trapper, Stage driver delivering mail, as well as being Lumby’s first Barber.
25. Sadie Major
Artist Lorreen Norman Chambers. Sadie was an early resident in Lumby and is best remembered for her many years operating Lumby’s First Aid Post and for her years of community service. She received Lumby’s “Good Citizen Award” in 1981. Sadie Passed away in 1996, 6 weeks before her 100th birthday.
26. Eva Leger
Artist:Kathy Deane. Pictured in the painting are the 3 stages of Eva’s life. She married Hugh Cox in 1915 and they spent their entire life in and around Lumby. Many of the descendants of their 9 Children still live in this area.
27. Alex Christien
Artist:Kathy Deane. Alex was born in Quebec and came to White Valley in 1889. He was Lumby’s first police constable, serving from 1924 until his retirement in 1950.
28. Lumby Looking East/Moses
Artist: Michelle Loughery. Pictured is Lumby in 1914, looking east down Vernon street. The first building on the left is the United Church, which is still in use. In the top right is Moses Lumby, after whom the town is named. He was described as a man with a jolly outlook on life and a mania for fishing.
29. Blue Springs 
Ranch/Louis Morand
Artist: Michelle Loughery. In the Upper left is Louis Morand, often called the founder of Lumby. He came to Lumby in 1885 and was the postmaster of the White Valley and Lumby areas from 1897-1902.
He built the Ramshorn Hotel in 1895, followed by the Morand hotel in 1902. 
30. Miners at Cherry Creek
Artist: Michelle Loughery. Shown are a group of Miners at Cherry Creek in the Cherryville Area. In 1826, gold was discovered by Louis Christien & William Peon. It has been calculated that since 1826 over $125,000 worth of gold was extracted from Cherry Creek.
31. Crosscut Logging
Artist: Michelle Loughery. Shown in this mural is a pair of loggers felling a tree with a crosscut saw in the Squaw Valley Region of Mabel Lake. Depicted are Les Pointer and Red Kensick in 1945, both working for Lumby Timber.
32. Lumby Baker/Edward DooleyArtist: Steve Skolka. Edward Dooley was the first known baker in Lumby and this mural is a depiction of him. Edward first moved to Lumby in 1919. In 1923, he operated a restaurant which is now Dot’s Chocolates.
33. Bill Adams/Bell 
Pole Horse Team
Artist: Lorreen Norman Chambers. Horses, Charlie & Shorty with driver Bill Adams are the subjects of this mural taken from a picture at the Bell Pole yard in 1936.
34. "Serenity"
Artist: Gary Whitley. This mural is an artistic interpretation of our many high country lakes in which images of both our dominant lakes, Mabel and Sugar, were used. This scenic view brings back memories of those ‘Lazy Days’ by the lake.